When you talk about film noir, it is impossible not to mention Ida Lupino. She is one of the most well-recognized and revered actors of this genre. Film noir describes a classic film style that was dominant in the 1940s and 1095s. The movies were black and white and usually crime dramas.

During her long film and television career, she was in at least eight film noir movies. She was a trailblazer even writing, directing and producing a couple films from this era.

She starred alongside such Hollywood greats as Humphrey Bogart and Richard Widmark. It may be hard to find one of these classics, but they are worth the Trouble. One of her best film noir roles is in the movie “Roadhouse.” Lupino’s portrayal of the sultry singer Lily Stevens is amazing. In the film genres true style, there is a love triangle and double crossing.

If you can find it, I also recommend “Private Hell 36.” Ida co-wrote, produced and starred in this gritty film noir. It was one of her best performances. The movie shows how multi-talented she was. The award-winning actor defined the beautiful and tough women of film noir. Her performances have left a legacy and body of work that will not be forgotten.